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Joypad support OS4.1fe flowerpot install

Author goldfish
#1 Posted: 9 Mar 2018 11:32 

Install of OS4.1fe with flowerpot was super easy. That's the good news now for the bad. First issue no joypads seem to work I have set port2 as Logitech dual action which works in the f12 config screen but is not shown in Amiga input and also does not work in games. I have tried a few other joypads with the same results. Second issue is I cant install runinuae as it keeps guru after select install location. If these two issue could be resolved it would be a nice working system to try OS4.1FE out on.

Any help would be great.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 9 Mar 2018 11:48 
Hi Goldfish,

thanks for your feedback. The main purpose of FlowerPot is to install and run OS4 on your non-Amiga computer. Regarding the issues, I am afraid they are both beyond the FlowerPot scope (and my expertise too).

I am not sure if WinUAE supports joypads in OS4 yet. Maybe you can ask the author of WinUAE directly here:

Regarding RunInUAE, I have the same recommendation - to contact its author at and report the bug to him, and maybe to WinUAE author too.

Thank you for your understanding.

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Joypad support OS4.1fe flowerpot install

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