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Warp3D work?

Author DaNi
#1 Posted: 13 Aug 2006 00:23 
I have some games like Freespace, Quake 2 (both 68k versions) but dont work under warp3d, is a driver problem or only work with voodoo cards? i have a GeForce 7300 GS but nothing under Warp3d work with amikit on my system.


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 13 Aug 2006 15:43 
Hi DaNi!

QuarkTex emulates Warp3D features in AmiKit and it works here without any problems on GeForce Titan 4200 and GeForce Go 6200 graphics cards. I assume the problem you encounter is due to QuarkTex limitations. The curent version is rather old and might not support newer graphics cards. Or there is some bug in this version of QuarkTex. You can try some older version:

By the way, what about your MemOptimizer? I'd like to include it into next AmiKit update but you still haven't explained how the program works and what is it good for... hmm?

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Warp3D work?

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