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AmiKit/WinUAE crashing on reboot

Author Anonymous
#1 Posted: 26 Jun 2006 00:40 
I'm running AmiKit under WinUAE 1.2 and have an Athlon XP 1.1ghz and running it in a window.. It works wonderfully -- except once in awhile if I reset the Amiga (in any way, the reset button in the F12 config of WinUAE, the reset from the AmiStart menu, or Control-Win-Win) WinUAE crashes. It's a minor thing, if I need to reboot, I just quit and restart but thought I'd mention it. If there's more information you might want, let me know.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 26 Jun 2006 11:11 Edited by: AmiKit 
well, something similar happens to me from time to time either. Not when rebooting but when I want to quit the emulation completely. WinUAE quits but with a crash message. Never found the exact condition under what circumstances it crashes and when does not...

But I suspect this is WinUAE related. Enable logging in WinUAE/Misc settings before you start AmiKit and when it crashes again, please send those files to Toni Wilen, the author of WinUAE. You can use this thread as well:

Author Anonymous
#3 Posted: 26 Jun 2006 18:21 
Thanks :)

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 AmiKit/WinUAE crashing on reboot

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