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Amikit and Amiga Forever 2010

Author Cajun_Man
#1 Posted: 11 Nov 2010 03:14 
Ok, last time I used AmiKit was with an early version of Amiga Forever and early version of AmiKit. Where I used WinUAE (from AF and also used a newer downloaded version) where I had set up everything so when I click start I would get AmiKit.

Now I just bought AF 2010 and tried AmiKit in the Applications tab of the window I get when running Amiga Forever. I have no problem booting into AmiKit that way.

But when I go to Tools/Launch Plugin/WinUAE and do a setup like I rembered doing in the past, making sure I used the proper path to the AmiKit directory in Hard drive and naming it AmiKit. Saved the configuration and when I click start, I don't get Amikit, I get a grey screen with a window with a prompt. I type dir and get a no command error.

I know I set DH0: named AmiKit and location is where the Amikit dir is, and I made sure the bootable box is checked. I upped the priority all the way, but no booting the occurs. I unchecked the DF0 in the floppy section so it's not trying to boot from floppy.

If I go back to the AF window, I can run it there, but I can't by running WinUAE from Tools/Launch Plugin/WinUAE.

I'm trying to get it so I can access the Windows partitions and add a little more memory to it. When I use the AF Window I never get icons for my C and D drive. I know I could copy what I need to the Amikit directory, but I'd like the option to turn it on.

I tried hitting F12 and adding the checkmark to use Windows drives, and telling it to reboot, but I still never saw any icons for C and D.

Do I need to download a separate WinUAE and install it?

Specific questions AmiKit Support Forum / Specific questions /
 Amikit and Amiga Forever 2010

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