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BoingBag 2

Author Anonymous
#1 Posted: 14 Jan 2006 15:28 
When I try to install, I get the message
this boing needs 3.5 it is not meant for 3.9

Author Anonymous
#2 Posted: 15 Jan 2006 14:39 
Sorted it.
Wasn't enough to reboot Amikit.
Had to close down Amikit and launch it again before adding the second bag

Author fagger1uk
#3 Posted: 3 Jan 2007 20:48 
I have just installed amikit with os3.9cd can someone tell me where you
install BoingBag 1 and 2

Author AmiKit
#4 Posted: 3 Jan 2007 21:13 Edited by: AmiKit 
This is easy. Simply download both BoingBag archives.

Extract them to RAM: by pressing the right-mouse button over the archive and select "Extract to RAM:" entry.

Once the archives are unpacked, doubleclick the "Install" icon of the BoingBag1 and follow the instructions. When it asks you where to install the update, simply select AmiKit:
Do the same with the second BoingBag.

Once you successfully installed both of them, you might want to run "Install Patches" located on desktop. It installs various unofficial patches on top of the BoingBags files.
Note: The installation of these additional patches requires the re-start of the whole emulation (re-boot is not enough).

Author amix
#5 Posted: 23 Feb 2007 21:04 
Here is where my problems start...

I installed the current release version of AmiKit and used my OS3.9 CD along with the Kickstart file provided by AmigaForever6.

All went fine, I could boot into AmiKit fine.

Then I did the update from the Amiga side. All went fine after this.

Soon I decided to install the additional patches (it would be nice to have a release history for these, btw.). The AmiKit software mentioned, that I need to install the two BoingBags. I did so.

After this I installed the patches but upon all following restarts of AmiKit (full restart) I get the ugly old WB 3.0 default icons, the trashcan program moans about being unable to load the icon and the startmenu taskbar is mostly without any icons.

I looked around but I do not really see through the way everything is being patched. Tried MCP (seems that during BoingBag or patches the MCP config got changed a lot).

How can I restore the icon system ? Thanks.

Author AmiKit
#6 Posted: 23 Feb 2007 21:32 Edited by: AmiKit 
Ooops, it seems I forgot to include updated startup-sequence for BoingBag2 into AMiKit 1.3.0 update archive. Please add following command right after C:Safe command in your startup-sequence:


Save it and quit the emulation. Start AmiKit again and everything should be fine! Thanks for the report.

Author amix
#7 Posted: 23 Feb 2007 21:46 
Thanks for the quick reply. This worked as promised. All fine now.

Installation questions AmiKit Support Forum / Installation questions /
 BoingBag 2

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