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Mouse goes crazy in Amikit during install?

Author Acill
#1 Posted: 24 May 2007 21:05 
I am installing using bootcamp and running windows XP on my Macbook pro. The mouse move all jerky and I cant get it to move in short enough amounts to select the buttons for install. How can I get the mouse to move smooth like a real Amiga? It doesnt matter if I use the touch pad or a real mouse. Its just way to fast and doesnt move in short spaces.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 25 May 2007 00:18 
Hmmm, normally I would point you to SYS:Prefs/MCPPrefs and/or SYS:Prefs/Input to change the mouse speed, but if this happens during installation itself the problem must be elsewhere, probably on the Windows side. Try to experiment with WinUAE settings. Run AmiKit launcher, press the "Configure WinUAE" button and switch to "Input" settings. There's a mouse speed option.

Author nenes
#3 Posted: 9 Nov 2010 16:15 
le pointeur de souris est un rectangle rose
comme faire pour enlever ce fond rose lier au pointeur de souris

Author AmiKit
#4 Posted: 9 Nov 2010 17:26 

Author lcole98296
#5 Posted: 7 May 2011 01:52 
I had the same problem with my PC mouse plugged into a USB hub. Plugged it directly into a USB port on the PC, and all is well.

Installation questions AmiKit Support Forum / Installation questions /
 Mouse goes crazy in Amikit during install?

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