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register opus magellan 5 ?

Author lhomme qui tombe a pic
#1 Posted: 10 Apr 2007 07:30 
how made to record opus Magellan 5 it nothing is proposed
thank you

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 10 Apr 2007 10:55 Edited by: AmiKit 
I am sorry but this has to be solved be Guru Meditation itself. They have announced they will be selling Magellan II again for 68k but nothing has happened so far.

Therefore, the only possibility is to buy an used Magellan II, either English version (comes on 3 floppies) or German version (comes on CD). The serial number of both versions works with AmiKit.

You might want to try:

Installation questions AmiKit Support Forum / Installation questions /
 register opus magellan 5 ?

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