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Crossover AmiKit Windows / Android

Author FatAgnus
#1 Posted: 15 Jun 2017 20:03 
Hello AmiWorld,

after many failed attempts to install AmiKit fo Android directly, I finally managed to get a working version running on my tablet via a rather quirky workaround:
1) Install Amiga Forever on a Windows PC.
2) Install a fully functional AmiKit instance in A4Ever on Windows.
3) Copy that AmiKit engine onto a virtual HD drive and move it over the Android tablet.

Now I've got the following issues/problems to solve:
1) AmiKit starts on Android, but after a few seconds a "Recoverable Software Error" screen appears (yellow on black) followed by a similar screen in red.
That process keeps repeating itself, until I push the left mouse button so often, that finally the Workbench screen appears, telling me that I interrupted the boot process by - guess what - pressing the left mouse button (too often).
Now I can finish to boot into a working Workbench, but I can not find out what triggered those bothersome error messages in the first place.

2) Even so my Workbench screen seems to be fully functional (all window gadgets seem to work) I can not move any window by any means.
I can open, resize and close a window, but I can *not* alter its position (clicking and dragging on the title bar does exactly nothing).

Can anybody offer me any help in resolving these two issues?

Installation questions AmiKit Support Forum / Installation questions /
 Crossover AmiKit Windows / Android

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