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how to run a real amiga on your pc harddisks

Author vanzant
#1 Posted: 31 Dec 2012 13:56 
if you wanna run on some old pc amiga only than its very easy to do that.

first of all its better you have a pentium athlon pc 32bit or amd 64 athlon x2 will work also.

let say you have windows 7 on a pc with 1 harddisk .

if you harddisk is 80gb in ntfs , you must know amiga can not run on this hardisk.

you need a doscd for making 2 simple new harddisk a fat 16 for the loading grup and a fat32 for the stystem amiga.

iso freedos is free and you can find it on google.

the fat 16 must be around 24mb of harddisk and the fat32 below 4gb.

before you can run a amiga system you must place the boot on the fat 16 and all the amiga files on the fat32 harddisk.

its just like you make a dualboot windows 7/ ubuntu but with amiga fat systems.

beware if you follow this howto , there it not on your system for the first theme , remember the grup must start first or your windows system will not run anymore.


very easy is , a section harddisk on a windows system and make it fat32 and place all your files for amiga in it.

besure to make a fat16 and fat32

if you have done ,

place the harddrive in a old pc and run it as only system amilithon on your pc
no other amiga is faster.

if somebody need s howto URL if you follow this steps you amiga will run

Installation questions AmiKit Support Forum / Installation questions /
 how to run a real amiga on your pc harddisks

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