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howto to install amikit in 5sec

Author vanzant
#1 Posted: 31 Dec 2012 13:24 
The are in windows 2 simple ways to install amikit

First way is , install from amigaforever cd

if you install this cd you only have to go to the tab systems and below you see amikit , aros , amigasys , click on this and the appz will download.

if its download just click on the start for that system and amikit or whatever will run.
ga in the tool option and let run amigaforever run in full window.

install 2

if you have download amikit from this website , the only thing you need is amiga os 3.9 or 3.5 or amigaforever 2012 cd or adf install disk or amilthon amiga cd. this for the installation (you need a kickrom replace 3.1)

if you have a kickrom 3.1 place it in the map c:/amikit/roms/ and rename the originall rom 3.1.rom to kickrom

know start amikit and you will see that amikit have find the rom and install will run.

at some point amikit will ask for a illegall cd if
on my amikt i place amilthoncd and just follow the simple steps to the end and it will run.

if you have use amiga os 3.9 , you download with ibrowse biongbag1 en 2 , unzip it to downloads on amikit and install it.
make sure you have the originall os in your drive to install it.

you can also mount dvd or cdr with mount iso from your windows system.

if you follow this simple steps amikit will run with none errors

Installation questions AmiKit Support Forum / Installation questions /
 howto to install amikit in 5sec

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