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working very hard on a dutch amikit site.

Author vanzant
#1 Posted: 15 Dec 2012 23:06 
to long that i have post here something.

but however i run my version of amikit from 2006 and its still working and its up to date.

like i say i am working on a great website for amikit and more.
there will be ftp online with 100gb of software ,iso and ect... and thats alot of stuff...
i have build years ago back amigaworks now it will call amigafactory and the section site will be amikitdutch more information soon about this.

i have make a backup from my amikit windows 2007 and put it on windows 8
still testing the stuff...
i am making a smart iso amikit in dutch only with setup ... for easy of use...

the last update 1.6 was none problem on my system.

Author vanzant
#2 Posted: 26 Jan 2013 17:10 
for all the people that have some problems with install of amikit or dont find there stuff just go to [LINK REMOVED by Admin] there is a ftp running on that domain , with tons of software for amiga and more to come
know for the people that have not have the legally disks i have amikit backup , uptodate , all you have to do is , download the backup , and run it on your windows 7 sp 1 or ect ,and place the backup back , start the amikit and it will run , tested in windows 7 en 8

backup dont need any cds or installations its all install ,its a backup from my pc it is in dutch ,but however you can change it to english

Installation questions AmiKit Support Forum / Installation questions /
 working very hard on a dutch amikit site.

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