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Pink square around mouse cursor

Author Pete
#1 Posted: 11 Apr 2009 05:40 
Hi All...

I have a pink square around my mouse cursor.

When the cursor changes to an I for writing, or a "busy" alarm clock, the pink square remains the same.

I tried taking screenshots, but the cursor dissaperes altogether in the screenshots.

I tried the "workbench" environment, same problem.

This does not happen on standard WinUAE running any of the workbenches, neither does it happen in Amiga Forever.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 11 Apr 2009 08:34 
What AmiKit version do you use? What WinUAE version? What is the WinUAE version that doesn't show the pink pointer? What is your Windows version?

Generally, the pink rectangle pointer issue is the problem of Vista intel gfx driver. There are three possible solutions:

1) Upgrade your intel gfx drivers.


2) It should be enough to add -ddsoftwarecolorkey switch to WinUAE's command line. To use the switch automatically with each start of AmiKit, simply edit the AmiKit.ini file located in the root of your AmiKit installation folder and insert the switch into the first line, before the -f switch. So the edited line will look like this:

RunAmiKit = -ddsoftwarecolorkey -f "../WinUAE/Configurations/AmiKit_v1.UAE" -s use_gui=no

From now on whenever you start AmiKit by its AmiKit.exe launcher and press the "Run AmiKit" button, the switch will be applied.


3) Alternative (and not recommended) solution is to downgrade to older emulation engine WinUAE 1.4.6. Download the ZIP archive and copy the WinUAE.exe into your AmiKit\WinUAE\ folder. Or you might want to upgrade to the latest version if you haven't done yet.

Author Pete
#3 Posted: 11 Apr 2009 20:48 
-ddsoftwarecolorkey fixed the problem, thanks very much

Author Pete
#4 Posted: 11 Apr 2009 20:49 
oh, and awesome product by the way...

Now if only I could get the rest of the parts for my poor Amiga500

Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /
 Pink square around mouse cursor

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