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Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /  

Large JPEG images crash PicShow

Author stet
#1 Posted: 30 Jan 2009 17:38 
Hi there, I'm new to AmiKit--just installed it last night.

I notice that PicShow crashes when I try to browse through large JPEG images with it (i.e. digital photos, about 2MB each). I'm able to view 2 or 3, but then it will always freeze or crash (maybe it's running out of memory?).

Are there settings I can adjust in WinUAE that will help with this? Or is PicShow not a good choice for browsing digital photos? (I notice it works fine with smaller images.)

Thanks for any advice you can provide...

Author stet
#2 Posted: 30 Jan 2009 17:59 
Ah, I just noticed this in Troubleshooting:

"PicShow crashes in low-memory condition. Please increase the RAM size in WinUAE config. Or you might set PRELOAD 0 and CACHE 0 in S:PicShow.defaults, however this is not recommended for everyday use."

So now my question is which RAM to increase in WinUAE's config? There are a lot of sliders in there--what settings would you recommend for all of them when running WinUAE/AmiKit on a PC with 512MB of RAM?

Author AmiKit
#3 Posted: 30 Jan 2009 18:48 Edited by: AmiKit 
Hello and welcome to AmiKit!

First of all change the S:PicShow.defaults file as described as this will reduce the memory requirements of PicShow to half.

The default WinUAE config for AmiKit should provide enough RAM for standard operations. If necessary, increase the "Z3 Fast" memory to 256 MB.

Here's the direct link to online WinUAE manual for more information.

Feel free to ask if you have more questions.

Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /
 Large JPEG images crash PicShow

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