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DirOpus or ScalOS

Author asymetrix
#1 Posted: 12 Aug 2008 00:58 
I would like to control menus and file selection via a script.

Which is better DirOpus or ScaleOS, to create a help system that would show the user how to do certain tasks, via automated control of mouse and automated selecting programs in menus and Workbench ?

I think this is very important for new users to get a help system and newbie guide to AmigaOS.

ScaleOS has plugin support that is well documented.

Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 12 Aug 2008 07:49 Edited by: AmiKit 
Hmmm... and would not be much easier to create the tutorial videos similar to these? It's really easy thanks to WinUAE recording capabilities.

Author asymetrix
#3 Posted: 12 Aug 2008 16:21 Edited by: asymetrix 
yes it would. but the filesize would be huge !

With automation we can have small sized documentation of our programs with embeded scripts to show how it works.

I think that AREXX was supposed to communicate between programs, I dont know about actions, especially Workbench.

The idea being, run the help system and ALL features and programs of Amikit are shown what they do etc.

Alot of newbies dont have a clue how to use AmigaOS or what it CAN do.

This could be an excellent way to introduce AmigaOS, as a lot of games companies do this to get familiar with their game.

Author AmiKit
#4 Posted: 12 Aug 2008 17:57 Edited by: AmiKit 
Yes I understand what you mean. The ARexx script would be capable to manage such an automation but with two drawbacks at least:
1) this would work only with those program that support ARexx
2) the learning effect for newbies would be minimal as the ARexx works in background and doesn't visualize anything. Eg. when some function or menu is activated via ARexx the observer would not understand where does it come from.

You can instead move the mouse over the screen automatically but I am not sure whether such a program exists. You can try CPointer located in C: folder. I use it startup-sequence to center the mouse pointer on the screen. It can also be used to simulate the click and for example press the RUN button of the Magellan's register requester. But I doubt the program can be used to move the mouse on the screen - at least not easily. In addition the script would be dependent on actual screen mode. If a different screen mode is set you simply doesn't hit the requested area. But you can try it.

Therefore I think it's still a way better to create the tutorial videos. Their size are not so huge (2 to 6MB). I can always upload them to my server if you create some.

Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /
 DirOpus or ScalOS

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