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Basic questions, I am new here AmiKit Support Forum / Basic questions, I am new here /  


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Author amikit_noob
#1 Posted: 16 Dec 2016 12:28 Edited by: amikit_noob 

This thread will be updated


Author amikit_noob
#2 Posted: 16 Dec 2016 13:22 Edited by: amikit_noob 
In this thread I will cover my modern "hybrid" Amiga-like OS (Linux + Amiga 68k), that will replace Windows7/MacOSX as your everyday operating system.

The following programs/stuff are tested to work, just as well as they would in Windows7, and are currently working on my own AmiKit MK2 (Linux/Amiga 68K) setup:

Looks like AmigaOS4,
Netflix in Fullscreen HD,
Youtube in Fullscreen HD,
Google Chrome
(2016 browser with CSS3, HTML5, Flash, javascript, extensions and Chrome DevTools for Web Development),
(2016 browser with CSS3, HTML5, Flash, javascript, extensions and Firefox DeveloperTools for WebDev.),
redshiftgui (like f.lux),
Google Drive,
VLC (modern music and HD movie player),
Blender (3D program),
Gimp (Photoshop alternative),
FTP programs,
PDF programs,
Easy install of new linux programs with a few mouseclicks,
Easy to use Linux Terminal/Console,
AmigaOS style icons on Linux desktop/Linux filemanager,
AmiPup Linux desktop in minimum 1920x1080 pixels resolution,
AmiKit Amiga desktop in minimum 1920x1080 pixels resolution,
Amiga (AGA) demoscene demos in fullscreen,
Mouse with scrollwheel,
AmiKit itself, for your classic Amiga programs, demos and games.

Check this thread once in a while when I update it


Author amikit_noob
#3 Posted: 16 Dec 2016 14:33 Edited by: amikit_noob 
My setup is:

* PC with 2GB Ram, 2.33Ghz,

* Linux version: AmiPup 8.5.0. or newer (included in "AmiKit MK2", the USB version available for download here):

or go to:
and click the "Portable MK2" Add to cart button.

* AmigaForever 2016 or newer - for the legal Amiga ROM/Kickstart needed to install AmiKit MK2!:

Buy here:

or buy here:

(Note: Please BUY AmigaForever - DON'T steal it from the internet! Support the Amiga community!
Remember: "Don't copy that floppy!"

* PC monitor/flatscreen TV, that supports 1024x768 or higher

* Keyboard: USB or PS/2

* Scroll-wheel mouse: USB or PS/2

My setup runs perfectly fine, with netflix/youtube in fullscreen HD in Google Chrome on the Linux side of things.

Expect the Linux programs to open fast, (a few seconds), as they run from your PC's system Ram.
First time you open a linux program it might take a couple of seconds to open, but the second time you open that same program, it should open as fast as between 0.5 to 2 seconds! REALLY FAST when compared to a sluggish Windows7 on the exact same PC :-P


Author amikit_noob
#4 Posted: 16 Dec 2016 15:37 
... more will be posted later, when I have the time!

Author amikit_noob
#5 Posted: 16 Dec 2016 19:57 Edited by: amikit_noob 
A little AmiPup eye-candy:

Screenshot of linux from the AmiKit MK2 USB downloadable file:

Screenshot shows GoogleChrome streaming Netflix in HD, Firefox browsing the AmiKit website, redshiftgui running in the background, dimming the light for eye protection (the red lightbulb in the taskbar) and WinUAE with AmiKit installation!

This screenshot is only a 1024x768 pixels resolution on the linux desktop, but AmiPup supports 1920x1080 or higher resolutions

Author amikit_noob
#6 Posted: 16 Dec 2016 20:05 
...will post more later


Author amikit_noob
#7 Posted: 16 Dec 2016 23:25 Edited by: amikit_noob 

I successfully installed AmiKit MK2 within linux!

Screenshot of a 1024x768 pixels resolution AmiKit desktop:

It shows AmiKit desktop (inside of linux) with an open AmigaOS folder window, AmigaOS filemanager window and the AmigaOS Clock program running.

There is also a Firefox browser with youtube video, streaming with sound (youtube HTML5 video plays perfectly!)
That Firefox browser is the Linux browser, but it is launched from inside of AmiKit, by doubleclicking on the Firefox icon on the AmiKit desktop!!!

When the Linux programs are launched from inside AmiKit, they can be set to always be displayed on top of the rest of the AmiKit desktop, that way the linux programs are still visible, even though you click back on the AmiKit desktop.

That really makes it feel like all the programs are Amiga programs, not linux programs

The speed inside AmiKit MK2 on linux is really fast, I would say its 100% or faster than a real Amiga4000, and it reacts just as fast as linux itself, and just as fast as a normal Windows7 desktop!

So it feels like a really good desktop, I am really amazed by the speed in AmiKit MK2 in linux!

(Personally I have dreamt of owning a fast and modern Amiga OS computer for years and years, and now it is POSSIBLE!

*** This is a REALLY good alternative to AmigaOS4 if you can't afford the new Amiga hardware! ***

This is fast, fun, affordable and true Amiga, plus modern webbrowsing with HD youtube, HD netflix and more!

amikit_noob (well now I'm not an "amikit noob" anymore, maybe I should change my profile name LOL

Author amikit_noob
#8 Posted: 16 Dec 2016 23:54 Edited by: amikit_noob 
Here's a question for the AmiKit developers:

Would it be possible to make our own shortcuts for Rabbithole inside AmiKit ?

So that AmiKit could launch other Linux programs like for instance Blender 3D, FileZilla FTP or VLC,
that way AmiKit could be the only desktop you would need, and no need to use the linux side to open programs!

That would make it a really complete AmigaOS, I think

Author amikit_noob
#9 Posted: 16 Dec 2016 23:59 
If someone reads this thread, please give some feedback to me, if you like this so far


Author amikit_noob
#10 Posted: 19 Dec 2016 08:24 Edited by: amikit_noob 
Just in time for the 2016 holidays, this solution could be the best "Amiga" anyone has EVER gotten for christmas!

Screenshot of 1024x768 resolution Amipup linux desktop:

Screenshot shows:
E-UAE with AmigaDos running,
Blender for modern 3D graphics/animation,
Youtube streaming in 2016 version of GoogleChrome (with installed working browser extensions),
Gimp - a great photoshop alternative,
Image Viewer showing a .png image of Holiday Lemmings,
urxvt Terminal/Console (fast and easy to use and customized with transparent background),
VLC (for music and HD movies),
Text editor,
a holiday wallpaper on the desktop background,
Amiga style icons on linux desktop.

All these programs open and run fast!

(You can choose a much higher resolution than 1024x768, to have many more programs open on the desktop at the same time
and you can move programs to another empty desktop, and switch between 4 independent desktops simultaneously.

The perfect (software-) "Amiga" to put under the Christmas tree

Happy holidays Amikit / Amikit users,


Author amikit_noob
#11 Posted: 23 Dec 2016 20:20 

This time I installed AmiPup on the harddisk, instead of running the OS from the USB.

1024x768 screenshot with a Morph-ish look to the "Amiga" system

It shows:
AmiPup looking like MorphOs
E_UAE with Workbench/AmigaDos installation.
Redshift GUI (like f.lux) - settings for dimming the light of the monitor for eye protection.
Chrome streaming Southpark in HD quality, from a legal pay-site (paid monthly subscription streaming).
Chrome with Youtube clip of Viva Amiga movie.
gFTP for filetransfers to/from a server.
wBar at the bottom of desktop with own added programs - for easy/fast launch of favorite programs.
Sublime Text 2 - Modern code editor for (web-)developers, showing the code inside of a style.css file from a website.
XChat for IRC chat (showing AmigaworldNET chat).
Inkscape Lite for creating vector graphics.
urxvt Terminal/Console - customized with transparency.
(urxvt can use "wget" commands for easy and fast download/install of new linux programs).
AmiPup window with folders using Amiga style icons.
MorphOS-like butterfly wallpaper on desktop.

AmiPup is work AND play (at the same time )


Author amikit_noob
#12 Posted: 24 Dec 2016 09:55 Edited by: amikit_noob 

Jan. 6th 2017 the VIVA AMIGA documentary is released!

Tells the story about the Amiga from the beginning up until now in 2016,
with the creators and people behind the amiga.

Now go watch (buy/rent) it on your "new"/old Amiga (AmiKit+AmiPup) machine

See you in the new year!


Author amikit_noob
#13 Posted: 25 Dec 2016 17:37 

Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 in E-UAE in AmiPup:

After the christmas dinner, when the last christmas present have been opened,
then it's time for a quick game of Lotus II
(and Netflix at the same time) on your AmiPup "Amiga".

If your'e in a hurry , you can use E-UAE in AmiPup for Amiga games,
without launching the AmitKit desktop

It runs at full speed in fullscreen or window (even with Netflix playing at the same time )

Season's Greetings from

Author amikit_noob
#14 Posted: 29 Dec 2016 23:38 

Get your game on! - Amiga style (Gods in E-UAE in Window Mode (Plays fullscreen with full speed also!))
Get your sweat on! (MPlayer plays fitness video)
Get your streaming on! (Legal SouthPark episodes stream)
Get used to the Shell/Console in AmiPup!


Author amikit_noob
#15 Posted: 29 Dec 2016 23:50 

One HD movie stream...
Two HD movie streams...

WinUAE (window-mode) with AmiKit desktop showing a fullscreen amiga demoscene demo, running at full speed!


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