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Fix ups for the AmiKit 140 Linux archive

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#1 Posted: 26 Mar 2008 12:40 Edited by: Slider 
We apologize but there appears to be a couple of errors in the AmiKit archive for Linux users. It will install fine but after the install has finished and you reboot for the first time you may come across some permissions errors.

If you do here is how to fix them from the Linux side.

You can fix these permissions before or after you have installed AmiKit for Linux.

cd to wherever you installed AmiKit and issue these commands:

'chmod -R 755 Utilities/EXPANSION/AmiStart/icons_extended/Cat_i'
'chmod -R 755 Utilities/EXPANSION/AmiStart/icons_extended/munkii'

Without the quote marks and watch for linewrap.

You may also find that after extracting the AmiKit-linux archive that CD0 has no executable flag set. Here is how to fix this.

'chmod 755 Devs/DOSDrivers/CD0*'

Finally, if you find after the install that CD0 does not exist in either Devs/DOSDrivers or Storage/DOSDrivers here is where it is. Look in Storage/DOSDrivers and you will see a directory called CD0. In there is CD0 itself and its associated icon (.info) file. Why it ended up in there you will have to guess

To fix this under either Linux or the emulated Amiga you can simply move (rename) the CD0 directory to CD0-dir and then copy the contents of that directory (CD0 and to either Devs/DOSDrivers, if you want to use it, or Storage/DOSDrivers, if you don't. Then delete the CD0-dir.

Once again we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

We would like to thank Mike from for discovering the bugs and reporting them to us.

Tom Newsom

Linux related questions AmiKit Support Forum / Linux related questions /
 Fix ups for the AmiKit 140 Linux archive

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