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Author amikit_noob
#1 Posted: 31 Mar 2017 12:41 Edited by: amikit_noob 
Hi AmiKit/AmiPup users,

Using AmiPup 8.5 I have succesfully printed several documents/texts (A4 paper) on my Samsung CLP-365 Laser Color printer,
(AmiPup 8.5 is from the AmiPup MK2.iso, the USB downloadable file on AmiKit Website).

If you have a SAMSUNG printer follow my guide (If you have another printer, download a linux driver, or universal driver from your Printer Manufacturer's website, install the driver in AmiPup, and then follow the rest of this Guide to add your printer to AmiPup)

GUIDE to printing in AmiPup 8.5
Download the SAMSUNG printer driver:

Install the driver, by double-clicking on the .pet file you downloaded, wait for it to completely finish the install.

Go to AmiPup StartMenu > Prefs > Setup > CUPS Printer Wizard.

Click "Manage printers and printing tasks" button.

This will open a website with the "CUPS Printer Install settings", in a browser (Firefox).

The website that opens is: http://localhost:631/ or similar

Click the button "Administration" (next to the Home button)

Click "Add Printer" button where it says "Printers".

Choose your printer from the "Local Printers".

Click "Continue" button.

Click "Continue" button.

Click "Add Printer" button

Choose your default options for your printer where it says "General".

Click "Set default options" button.

This message appears:
"Printer -your printers name- default options has been succesfully installed".

The website redirects automatically in 1-2 seconds to now show the website with a message:

"Printer name" (Idle, Accepting Jobs)

This is where you can edit your printers default settings, print a test page, see what prints are being printed, cancel a print, pause your printer and so on.

Click "Maintenance" button and choose "Print Test Page" to see your printer is working

Now open/create a text document in your favorite text-editor in AmiPup, like AbiWord/LeafPad/Geany or other,
Click File > Print

A "Print" window is displayed, then under "General" click on your installed printers name,
(for me this is: "Samsung_CLP-360_Series")

Now click "Print" button!

Your own local printer now prints your document using AmiPup

Linux can be tricky when installing printers, so this is truly awesome, to be able to print in AmiPup/"Amiga",
and completely stop using Windows for printing


Author amikit_noob
#2 Posted: 11 Apr 2017 13:59 

Forgot to mention, you can print text using microgolded text editor FROM AMIKIT (AMIGA OS3.9)

Just follow my printer setup guide, then in WinUAE go to:

Host > IO Ports > Parallel Port > Printer > Choose your printers name in dropdown menu!

Type: Passthrough

Don't edit other printer settings!

Start WinUAE (AmiKit)

Then inside AMiKit open a Text Editor, like microgolded.

In microgolded, type some text

Click the Printer icon in microgolded,

Click PRINT button.

Now your local printer prints using your modern AMIGA (AMIKIT)



Author amikit_noob
#3 Posted: 15 Apr 2017 15:06 Edited by: amikit_noob 
IN WINDOWS 7, PRINT TEXT USING AMIKIT 8 / AMIGAOS 3.9 (microgolded text editor)

(Install your local printer in Windows, just Google how-to, or go to your Windows-printer manufacturers website for help / drivers)

Do this:

In WinUAE, go to:

Host > IO Ports > Parallel Port > Printer > Choose your printers name in dropdown menu!

Type: Epson Matrix Printer Emulation, 48Pin (or 9Pin)

Both Epson printers will print with a font like an oldschool printer,

directly from microgolded texteditor inside AmiKit 8 in Windows 7


Linux related questions AmiKit Support Forum / Linux related questions /

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