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Making own Rabbithole shortcuts for other linux programs

Author amikit_noob
#1 Posted: 22 Dec 2016 06:46 
Hi Amikit, Love your product

Would it be possible to make our own shortcuts for Rabbithole inside AmiKit (in AmiPup)?

So that AmiKit could launch other Linux programs like for instance Blender 3D, FileZilla FTP or VLC,
that way AmiKit could be the only desktop you would need, and no need to use the linux side to open linux programs!

That would make it a really complete AmigaOS, I think


Author AmiKit
#2 Posted: 31 Dec 2016 23:58 
Hi there!

Yes, you can create your own RabbitHole shortcuts. Actually it's very easy. Simply check any of the existing RabbitHole files to see what it contains.

Make a clone of any file and modify it according to your needs.

Then you need to add a file on AmiPUP side too, which contains a path to the Linux program. Find a folder that contains all the current files (like Steam, Firefox, etc.), clone one and modify it so it contains the path to the program you need.


Author amikit_noob
#3 Posted: 14 Jan 2017 12:35 
Thanks AmiKit

I have successfully launched the linux version of GoogleChrome browser, by clicking a Chrome shortcut icon on the AmiKit desktop.

Worked like a charm!

Thanks for the help!!


Linux related questions AmiKit Support Forum / Linux related questions /
 Making own Rabbithole shortcuts for other linux programs

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