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Pre-order new AmiKit CD!

Author AmiKit
#1 Posted: 1 Sep 2008 20:08 Edited by: AmiKit 
The new AmiKit Limited "CD Edition" is in preparation now and will be available soon. It will contain the fresh new AmiKit 1.5.0 for Windows and Linux. Pre-order your AmiKit Limited "CD Edition" now!

NOTE: The price of the new AmiKit CD (that covers the production cost only) has been slightly raised (by 1 Euro) compared to the price of the previous version of AmiKit CD. This is due to different conversion ratio between Euro and Czech Koruna. The downloadable version of AmiKit is free, of course.

Author gbraad
#2 Posted: 1 Sep 2008 21:36 

NEWS AmiKit Support Forum / NEWS /
 Pre-order new AmiKit CD!

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