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Buy Directory Opus 9 with discount!

Author AmiKit
#1 Posted: 13 May 2007 01:06 Edited by: AmiKit 
You surely know or use the legendary Directory Opus 4 - also known as 'Diropus' or 'DOpus' - which is still considered as the most powerful file manager on Amiga computers. It features two directory windows, a very intuitive graphical user interface including Drag and Drop functionality and is probably one of the most configurable programs you'll ever come across.

It was developed by Jonathan Potter, the first (commercial) version was released in 1990. Development continued until 1994 (up to version number 4.12), when Jonathan joined GPSoftware as a partner, due to disputes with his former distributor about the non-payment of outstanding royalties.

Together, they rewrote the program from scratch, turning it into a complete Amiga Workbench replacement. The 'new' Directory Opus (version number 5, the later versions are called "Magellan" or "Magellan II") is still available for the Amiga, it is now owned by Guru Meditation.

The latest Amiga version of Directory Opus Magellan II (as well as DOpus4) can be found in AmiKit, the Amiga emulation package intended for Windows users.

Then GPSoftware have ported the concept of Directory Opus to Windows and created the program which is unique amongst other file managers, unlike anything seen before on the Windows platform. The developers have combined the knowledge gained from more than twenty years experience in the development of file managers with the latest design concepts to provide more power in one package than ever before.

Now, thanks to agreement between GPSoftware and AmiKit, the Amiga users are entitled to buy the latest Windows version of Directory Opus with 10% discount!

Click here to order Directory Opus 9 for Windows with 10% discount!

Click here for more information about Directory Opus 9.

Author Prober
#2 Posted: 17 May 2007 08:08 Edited by: Prober 
Czech Translation:

Jiste znáte legendární Directory Opus 4 - také známý jako 'DirOpus' nebo 'DOpus' - který je stále povazován za nejlepsí souborový manazer pro Amigu. Obsahuje dve okna pro práci se soubory, velmi intuitivní grafické uzivatelské rozhraní vcetne funkce Drag and Drop a také je jedním z nejvíce nastavitelných programu vubec. Puvodne byl vyvíjen Jonathanem Potterem. První (komercní) verze se objevila v roce 1990. Vývoj pokracoval az do roku 1994 (poslední oficiální verze je 4.12), kdy se Jonathan jako partner pripojil k firme GPSoftware, kvuli sporum s jeho drívejsím distributorem ohledne neplacení honoráru.

Spolecne program od základu prepsali, címz z tohoto manazeru udelali kompletní náhradu Amiga Workbenche. "Nový" Directory Opus (verze 5, pozdejsí verze byly nazvány "Magellan" nebo "Magellan II") je stále pro Amigu k dispozici. Nyní je kompletne vlastnen firmou Guru Meditation.

Nejnovejsí Amiga verzi Directory Opus Magellan II (stejne tak i verzi DOpus4) muzete najít v balíku AmiKit, emulacním Amiga balíku urceném pro uzivatele PC.

Posléze firma GPSoftware preportovala koncept Directory Opusu na Windows a vytvorila program, který je jedinecný v porovnání s ostatními souborovými manazery které muzete na platforme Windows najít.

NEWS AmiKit Support Forum / NEWS /
 Buy Directory Opus 9 with discount!

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