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AmiKit 1.2.8 UPDATE package available

Author AmiKit
#1 Posted: 27 Dec 2006 02:30 Edited by: AmiKit 
Another minor package to keep you up to date!

AmiKit 1.2.8 update (27-Dec-2006):

- ADDED: Experimental IBrowse Flash Plugin 1.14 (Please be aware that some flash files may cause this plugin (and therefore IBrowse too) to crash! The plugin can be deactivated in the IBrowse MIME type preferences.)
- UPDATED: Ken's IBrowse images (AmiKit:Internet/IBrowse/images, those with _Ken suffix)
- UPDATED: SimpleMail 0.30
- FIXED: AmiKit - ScreenMode AmiKit 1.4 (AWeb and IBrowse TrueType font settings were ignored)

Complete history log is here.

NEWS AmiKit Support Forum / NEWS /
 AmiKit 1.2.8 UPDATE package available

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