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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Author AmiKit
#1 Posted: 25 Dec 2006 08:56 Edited by: AmiKit 
AmiKit is here for more than a year and I have to say that I really enjoyed every moment working on this project. I met a lot of new people and made a lot of new friends. I'd like to thank to all of you who devoted your time, energy and effort into AmiKit! It would not have been what it is without your help.

AmiKit is now used by more than 600 people on regular basis and I'd like to thank to all of them for their feedback, support, bugreports ...and using the AmiKit of course! It is you, the AmiKit users, who keep my enthusiasm up!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Author Tarzin
#2 Posted: 27 Dec 2006 15:38 Edited by: Tarzin 
Hi Jan,

more than 600, whaaaaoouu

Please, watch here. It is announcment for Amikit 1.2.8 and some comments
Amiga Impact Comments

It's french only but:
- Jeffrey told that he's more and more enthusiast with each update of AmiKit

- Breed told that now, he doesn't use his Amiga 1200. His computer has been advantageously remplaced with AmiKit

Keep on Jan!!


Author breed
#3 Posted: 27 Dec 2006 22:47 
Hi all,

now I only use Amikit, instead of my A1200. FroGGui is now *only* developped under Amikit.

Thanks for your work Jan.

Author RLFrost
#4 Posted: 28 Dec 2006 16:37 
A very happy new year to you as well, and thanks for all the fun in this one.


Author Zola
#5 Posted: 29 Dec 2006 12:18 Edited by: Zola 
Happy New year to everyone

Author AmiKit
#6 Posted: 29 Dec 2006 12:28 Edited by: AmiKit 
Thank you very much for all your support!
It's snowing here today, for the first time!!! Seems it's gonna be good old Silvester with lot of snow

NEWS AmiKit Support Forum / NEWS /
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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