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New AmiKit 1.6.0 released on USB flash disk!

Author AmiKit
#1 Posted: 24 Dec 2011 23:35 Edited by: AmiKit 
We are proud to present the biggest AmiKit update ever. We spent countless hours, days and weeks working on this project so we could deliver a real high-quality product for the Amiga community out there. And we succeeded. This long awaited version introduces exciting new features and, in addition, comes on a luxury 4GB USB flash disk! (free public link will be available later). We hope you will enjoy AmiKit as much as we did during its development!

Main features:
- introducing new full version applications like AmIRC, FroggerNG and FryingPan.
- full video replaying support: simply doubleclick and play most of the modern video formats
- new emulation engine (WinUAE 2.4.0 AmiKit preview)
- new graphics artwork by Kenneth E. Lester, Jr.
- new integrated software like NetSurf, ScummVM, AmiTwitter, OpenSSL, Wazp3D, etc.
- dozens of updated applications like AfA_OS, FlashPlayer, MCP, Scalos, WHDLoad, YAM, etc.
- enhanced compatibility with the latest Amiga Forever versions
- many improvements and fixes... and much more!

Plus one more thing... FULL & REGISTERED VERSION OF DIRECTORY OPUS MAGELLAN II (license granted by GPSoftware)

Special thanks to
Ken Lester, Rex Schilasky, Toni Wilen, GPSoftware, Cloanto and all the other people involved.
This release would not be possible without your help!

What is AmiKit?
It turns your Windows, Mac or Linux machine into high-end classic Amiga environment. We've done all the hard work for you. Once AmiKit is installed, everything is in place so that your emulated Amiga will be immediately usable.

For more information please visit AmiKit website at

Author Dennis Smith
#2 Posted: 19 Jan 2012 00:54 
I ordered the USB Flash Disk on December 31 via Pay Pal and it's not delivered yet. Today is January the 18th. Problem somewhere?

Author AmiKit
#3 Posted: 19 Jan 2012 01:40 
First batch of USB flash disk were sold out very quickly - on December 27. The second batch is currently in production and should be ready at the end of this week. I will start sending it to customers at the beginning of next week. I am very sorry for the delays. I wish this process could be faster. As a small compensation the new flash disks will contain more bonus material. Thanks for your understanding and patience.


Author AmiKit
#4 Posted: 21 Jan 2012 04:37 Edited by: AmiKit 
New limited batch of AmiKit USB flash disks is now available. If you haven't ordered yet, take your chance now! All the previous orders has been shipped.

The new flash disks contain updated emulation engine for Windows and more or updated bonus material like special edition of Icaros Desktop, AmiKit hardfile, wallpapers, etc.

Author TheAlmogaver
#5 Posted: 21 Jan 2012 21:46 
Hi! Today I buy an AmiKit Usb but i see that the direction of shipment that paypal give to us is incorrect. How can I contact to change my adress?


And I'm a donator ^^

Author AmiKit
#6 Posted: 22 Jan 2012 14:30 
Hi! I've sent you an email. Thank you for your order and donation!

Author Fogg_80
#7 Posted: 21 Feb 2012 23:27 
Thanks Jan for usb flash
Sergio Ciotti

NEWS AmiKit Support Forum / NEWS /
 New AmiKit 1.6.0 released on USB flash disk!

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