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Amiga Forever 2012 released!

Author AmiKit
#1 Posted: 28 Aug 2011 22:01 Edited by: AmiKit 
Cloanto released Amiga Forever 2012, the latest version of the award-winning Amiga preservation, emulation and support suite for Windows and other platforms.

New features of Amiga Forever 2012 include:

RP9 Editor (create and edit any configuration, for playback on the local system or elsewhere)
Improved player interface with access to RP9 extra content, enhanced image preview, multiple web links (including external content sites), audio files, etc.
New playback window controls to configure and display the status of each input port
Support for new systems, including AROS and Walker prototype
Numerous new settings in Tools/Options
Player is now based on new, faster RetroPlatform 3.0 code base
The Plus Edition ISO image is now a DVD instead of a CD
New content in Videos and Gallery

The new features are too numerous to list here, but in general you may be surprised by the many small details we added based on customer feedback. Did you ask for MIDI, or for new fullscreen "stretch" vs. "preserve ratio" options, or for new Amiga systems, or for more control over magic mouse or drive sound emulation? It's all in the new version!

Have you ever been curious to try AROS, the research OS inspired by Amiga? That is now included and preconfigured too, with no further downloads required. Compared to last year, the list of supported Amiga systems has more than doubled.

The Premium Edition of Amiga Forever now comes on 3 DVDs and features an exclusive interview with Dave Haynie available both as a standard DVD video and as an HD-quality (1920x1080) Windows Media file. The Gallery section further includes a two-hour interview with Amiga legend RJ Mical, covering topics from the birth of Amiga to his more recent work on the PSP and PS3 projects, and concluding with a most inspiring final message.

Each configuration, including games, demoscene productions and barebone systems can now easily be edited. You are in full control not only of the configuration, but also of additional details like the description, web links, extra artwork and audio files, to mention a few. It's very easy to create configurations from scratch, or using existing ones as a reference. More than just being a configuration dialog, the new editor was designed as a professional content authoring and preservation tool.

Are you an advanced user with lots of Amiga files on a dedicated drive or partition, or are you afraid that a new Amiga Forever installation may overwrite your modified systems? Extra drives and folders can now be mounted to the existing systems, and maintaining your own private configurations is also easier, using the new RP9 Editor. A new article explains how to do this:

I have to confess that I too had some complex emulation configurations, for example the copy of my old Amiga 3000, or the systems used to maintain the Amiga side of the Amiga Forever project, where I had to use some custom .uae files in the past. This is no longer required, and I was able to switch entirely to Amiga Forever 2012 even for the most technical needs. The time spent reconfiguring the systems also dropped.

C64 Forever also inherited some of the same improvements of Amiga Forever. On related fronts, we are working with a number of games and demoscene sites to add links to their title pages directly from the content as viewed in the player. This is already supported in the 2012 version software, and you can add your own links too. And we have several free software updates in the works too. As promised last year, we also kept
contributing to different third-party projects and bounties, and we remain committed to the broader cause of the preservation and accessibility of digital culture.


Author Fat Bob
#2 Posted: 26 Apr 2012 03:48 
Yep I Bought It, 2 days later I uninstalled it, I know my Amiga and therefor Amikit Wins,, I Don't wish to see a GUI Telling me what I Already know,,

Keep up the superb work...

Fat Bob

NEWS AmiKit Support Forum / NEWS /
 Amiga Forever 2012 released!

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